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Krishan Lal And Group

By December 5, 2023April 15th, 2024Documentations, Haryana

“The Resilient Rhythms of Haryanvi Lokgeet”

Nestled in the picturesque village of Puthi Mangal, where the breeze carries the melodies of ancient traditions, we discovered a hidden gem – Kirshan and his dedicated group of folk musicians. Their passion for preserving Haryana’s rich cultural heritage through music left us spellbound during our visit with Team Anahad. From the moment we arrived, the warmth of the villagers enveloped us, and we were greeted with open arms and love. The excitement in their eyes was palpable, a testament to the importance of music and art in their lives.

Kirshan, the torchbearer of this musical legacy, learned the art of music from his father, Chhaju Ram. Their journey together began as his father sang at various gatherings, and Kirshan penned down heartfelt lyrics. In 2002, Kirshan embarked on his own musical voyage, starting with humble performances at school. Today, he not only sings professionally but also leads a group formed in 2012, spreading the magic of folk music far and wide.

What sets Kirshan apart is his commitment to using music as a powerful medium for change. He writes his own songs, addressing critical issues such as alcoholism, dowry, the importance of education, and gender equality. His lyrics are a testament to the belief that strong messages can be conveyed through folk songs, and he strives to inspire the youth to embrace their roots.

One of Kirshan’s most poignant songs highlights the importance of serving one’s parents, transcending duty to become a privilege, a path to prosperity, and a reflection of one’s character. Through his heartfelt rendition, he encapsulates the deep-rooted cultural values of gratitude and respect, reminding us of the enduring significance of family bonds.

But Kirshan’s mission goes beyond music. He aspires to maintain love and peace in his village and the hearts of its people. His group is a harmonious blend of members from different parts of the village, a symbol of unity and diversity. Through his music, he aims to uplift his community and convey the message that toils and aspirations are the essence of rural life in Haryana.

As the shoot concluded, the artists appreciated the initiative of using technology to support and promote folk artists. Kirshan and his fellow musicians ardently desire the younger generation to learn the art of their homeland. They believe that folk music carries lessons that must not be forgotten, passed down through generations, lest the vibrant tapestry of folk culture fades into obscurity.

In Kirshan’s melodies and the stories of his village, we find a profound connection to the soul of rural India. Through music, unity, and unwavering dedication, Kirshan and his group are sowing the seeds of cultural preservation, one note at a time. Their harmonious journey is a reminder that traditions are not relics of the past but living legacies, waiting for the youth to embrace and nurture.

Hrisha Rashmi (Volunteer)

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