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Led by the talented vocalist Kirshan Lal, a group of dedicated individuals from Hansi in Haryana is on a mission to preserve the rich musical traditions passed down through generations. This ensemble is breathing life back into the melodies of Haryanvi Lokgeet of their forefathers.

Kirshan Lal is a folk singer and poet from Hansi in Haryana, India. He started singing when he was 10 years old and learned it from his father, Chhaju Ram Badni, who, although being uneducated, was a folk singer and poet himself. He was associated with the Department of Information and Public Relations in Haryana and was also a radio singer of Haryana.

Krishna Lal has grown up listening to his father singing. However, it wasn’t until after Chhaju Ram’s death that Kirshan Lal felt a compelling urge to carry on the legacy of his father’s musical heritage. He realized that his father’s memories were fading, and hence he started to sing and write whatever he remembered.

Kirshan Lal’s repertoire is deeply rooted in the traditional Haryanvi art form known as “Raagini.” Ragini is a popular folk form of Haryana with multiple performers gathering together to sing and dance. The spirit of the performance, when sung in the local dialect, brims with rhythm, tone, expressions, and energy.

His songs or Haryanvi Lokgeet depict the life, struggles, and joys of the farming communities and villages that dot the landscape of Haryana. The ensemble employs a modest selection of instruments, including the harmonium, dholak, and matka, to accompany Kirshan Lal’s powerful vocals.

Over time, he also learned to compose his own songs. He believes that the songs he writes carry an inherent truth, shedding light on the culture, society, and state of his homeland: “Hum jo likhte hai, usme sachhai hoti hai. Ye gaane humare desh, humare rajya ko darshata hai.” They sing at births, grand celebrations, jagrans, weddings, satsangs, and in temples, infusing these occasions with the soulful tunes of Haryana. Moreover, Kirshan Lal uses his musical prowess to address contemporary social issues such as female infanticide, dowry, and substance abuse, emphasizing the relevance of their art in modern times.

Despite their deep musical roots, Kirshan Lal and his group primarily rely on farming for their livelihood. This unique dual life underscores the challenges faced by traditional artists in balancing their passion for music with the practical demands of rural life.

Kirshan Lal and his group represent a diverse cross-section of Haryana’s population. Their ensemble is a harmonious blend of individuals from various castes, including Daanak, Chamaar, Jat, Khatik, and Saini. This diversity underscores the universality of music and its power to unite people from all walks of life.








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