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Hanuman Sahay Bunkar And Group

By December 4, 2023April 15th, 2024Documentations, Rajasthan

A Harmonious Blend of Philosophy, Authenticity, and Musical Magic

Nirguni Bhajans of Rajasthan are a soul-stirring form of devotional music deeply rooted in the state’s rich cultural heritage. These bhajans are characterized by their lyrical and philosophical exploration of spirituality, often focusing on the formless, attributeless aspect of the divine, known as “Nirguna.” 

Meeting our Nirguni bhajan artist was an unforgettable experience. Hanuman Sahay Bunkar was a true follower of the wisdom of Nirguni bhajans and Kabir Das’s philosophy. He had this endearing habit of seamlessly weaving dohas (couplets) into everyday conversations, showcasing his deep love for this art form.

What made Hanuman Sahay truly special was his delightful blend of humor and raw authenticity. He could make you burst into laughter one moment and then ponder the profoundness of life the next.

One fascinating tidbit he shared was the reason he preferred calling them Nirguni Bhajans instead of just songs or geet – it’s because these compositions are steeped in philosophy, carrying a unique depth and meaning.

In the nirgun bhajan of Rajasthan, the tambura is referred to as the “Chautara” and is often accompanied by dholak, manjeera, harmonium and in their performance, even the chari (the steel pitcher with sticks). 

The singing style in Nirguni Bhajans is heartfelt and emotive. The singer often infuse their renditions with deep spirituality, pouring their devotion into each note. The lyrics, typically in the local Rajasthani dialects, are profound and philosophical, exploring the relationship between the individual soul (atma) and the universal soul (Paramatma).

The melodies are often characterized by a blend of classical and folk music elements, creating a unique and enchanting musical experience. The songs are sung with devotion, and the tempo can vary from slow and meditative to more lively and celebratory, depending on the mood and theme of the bhajan.

The group sang two songs. The first, titled “Janam Maran Ka Kaate Morcha,” delves into the idea of breaking free from the ceaseless cycle of birth and death. It emphasizes the path to liberation (moksha) through the veneration of Sadhguru’s name and self-inquiry.

The second song, “Sadhguru Sangat Teerath Jal Nirmal,” beautifully conveys the transformative power of being in the company of enlightened and wise individuals. It highlights the purification of one’s own consciousness in such company and calls upon all to seek the pure, holy, and spiritual presence of Gurudev.

Hrisha Rashmi (Volunteer)

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