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Amidst the vibrant culture and traditions of Jaipur, there resides a musical legend, Hanuman Sahay Bunkar, a 67-year-old Nirguni Bhajan singer. His journey through life has been intertwined with the melodies of self-education and self-improvement, resonating with spiritual references that echo the wisdom of saints from bygone eras.

Hanuman Sahay’s musical odyssey began at the tender age of 15. He embarked on a path that would lead him to become a torchbearer of a unique form of bhajan – the Nirguni Bhajan. These bhajans, unlike their more popular counterparts, are dedicated to inner growth, enlightenment, and the eradication of ignorance. They are a powerful medium that seeks to reinterpret and share the teachings of revered saints like Kabir and Ram Bhagat ji Maharaj.

Central to Hanuman Sahay’s artistry is his trusty Chautara, an age-old string instrument with four strings. Played by striking the strings with nimble fingers, the Chautara produces enchanting melodies that serve as a vehicle for the profound messages contained within the Nirguni Bhajans. Accompanying this unique instrument are the harmonium, Dholak, and Chaari.

The Chaari, in particular, is an intriguing addition to his ensemble. It is an inverted Matka or pot, which, when struck with two sticks, produces rhythmic beats that intertwine seamlessly with the melodies of the Nirguni Bhajans. The Chaari adds a distinct local flavor to his performances, enriching the auditory experience of his listeners.

Hanuman Sahay’s journey as a Nirguni Bhajan singer traces its roots to Dumada village near Ajmer, where he became a disciple of the revered Guru Swami Gokuldas ji Maharaj. Under the guidance of his guru, Hanuman Sahay honed his musical skills, imbibing the essence of the Nirguni Bhajans and their spiritual significance.

Today, Hanuman Sahay Bunkar is not just a musician but also a dedicated educator. He frequently performs in Satsangs and temples, where he shares the wisdom encapsulated in his music with the eager souls seeking spiritual enlightenment. His performances are not mere recitations of melodies; they are profound journeys that delve into the teachings of saints, enlightening and inspiring his audience.

Moreover, Hanuman Sahay has taken upon himself the noble task of teaching moral songs to the young children of his village. His commitment to imparting the values embedded in his music ensures that the legacy of Nirguni Bhajans continues to thrive, passing from one generation to the next.

Hanuman Sahay Bunkar belongs to the Bunkar Community, a group that was historically involved in weaving. However, as times changed, members of his community ventured into various professions. Hanuman Sahay’s choice to embrace the path of music represents not only his personal journey but also a testament to the ever-evolving nature of traditions.

In Hanuman Sahay Bunkar, we find a remarkable individual who has dedicated his life to the pursuit of enlightenment through the medium of music. His melodies resonate not only with the rich cultural heritage of Rajasthan but also with the timeless wisdom of saints. As he continues to sing the songs of self-improvement and spiritual awakening, Hanuman Sahay stands as a beacon of inspiration, guiding others on their own paths of self-discovery and growth.


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