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Sabir Khan leads a youthful troupe of musicians and singers who have capitalized on their culture’s roots that are set in the musical heritage of the state. They have already developed a keen sense of interest in learning the musical art forms of the region and also gained a fair bit of experience in performing their music in front of audiences. 

All of these youngsters belong to the Manganiyar community of the Jaisalmer region in Rajasthan. The Mangaiyars play music which is an amalgamation of Indian classical forms of music and Sufi creations from Muslim descent. A number of instruments like Dholak, Harmonium, Morchang, Khartal, and Kamaicha are employed in the presentation of their artful compositions. Kamaicha is considered as the backbone of Manganiyar music. In Jaisalmer and Barmer districts there are gurus and teachers who specialize in teaching this bow-stringed instrument and children begin to learn it at a very young age at home itself.

Sabir and all the members of his musical group are children who have yet to be initiated into the world of responsibilities of adult life. This gives them a substantial amount of buffer time to take advantage of their talents and make a presence for themselves in the musical sphere of the state as well as the country. Young instrumentalists like Hazur, Moti and Hanif Khan, who are quite dedicated towards their art make for brilliant talents at such young ages. The vocals of Sarvar, Sohail and the leader himself have shared with each other a spectrum of knowledge in music and shall keep doing it for as long as they can.

These children idolize the elders of their villages who have passed on their musical knowledge to them. They also idolize popular folk and Sufi musicians from the state and understand the importance of their success which brings prosperity to their culture and raises awareness about it in the outside world.


Hanif Khan

Hazur Khan

Moti Khan

Sarvar Khan

Sohail Khan

Sabir Khan


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