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Along with his group of instrumentalists, Khekh Ram and his group of Nati dancers who are all natives of Kullu district in Himachal Pradesh come from small villages in the region and have a substantial amount of experience in the field of music. Most of these artists learned to sing and dance from the elders of their respective villages and have been performing at various cultural events throughout the region.

They make music for the traditional folk dance of the region known to everyone as “Nati”. This dance is done by the local people on the beats of traditional instruments like Dhol, Nagada, Karnal, Narsingha, etc. The local men wear colorful clothes like churidars, swirling tunics, sashes, and caps with frills or flowery garland hanging from them and women wear kurtas or ghagra-cholis, along with gold and silver ornaments, depending on the occasion of the Nati parties. Brahmin women from the region may wear traditional ghagra-choli woven at home with intricate embroidery. These people come together for the dance which is an amalgamation of these colorful attires and slow rhythms and beats. The dance looks like a series of smooth and yet languid movements that make the people seem to be in absolute harmony with their surroundings.

Furthermore, these musicians use their skills for singing prayers for the locals during weddings and jagratas (musical prayers that are sung in the night and last till the morning). Khekh Ram himself is a much-coveted vocalist among the locals and with Raj Kumar’s ability to play any traditional musical instrument known to the Himachalis. Along with Dasu Ram’s expertise in percussion instruments like Dhol and Nagada, the three of them become the perfect fit for each other.

Raj Kumar wants to take further the of his elders and believes that his music can change the aura of anyone who listens to it and Khekh Ram wants to reach as many people as he can using his beautiful voice to endorse Himachali culture everywhere he goes.


Raj Kumar

Dasu Ram

Khekh Ram


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