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A troupe of folk artists that is versatile in its own ability to entertain and amaze people with their exceptional musical talents, these artists bring a certain sense of enlightenment to the people of Himachal Pradesh. As a group, they seem to understand and catch each other’s rhythm well enough for anyone to assume that they belong to the same village and community, while the fact of the matter is that they have come from a variety of small villages in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. Inder Singh Chandhani, the leader, has the experience of a lifetime of struggle and perseverance only to find solace in the traditional folk music culture of this region. Behind the leading vocals of Inder Singh, a diverse group of instrumentalists adds a magical vibe to the words that he muses. With their expertise in traditional instruments like Karnal, Shehnai, Dhol as well as Nagada, they make the serenity of the culture truly come to life.

The songs are mostly made for performing their traditional folk dance which is called “Nati”. This dance form is a centuries-old tradition for the natives of the region. They perform this dance at every auspicious occasion or festivals like the International Kullu Dussehra and the new year of Himachal Pradesh known as “Losar”, which has its origins in the Tibetan culture and comes around the month of April. Almost everyone in the state participates in the different forms of this dance. There are at least seven different types of Natis like Kulluvi Nati, Sirmauri Nati, Lahauli Nati, etc. Different types of Natis are performed on different occasions and while most of these Natis begin with a slow tempo, the intensity eventually rises and the music is stopped only hours later when every dancer and musician is exhausted.

While artists like Chaman Lal and Puran Chand began to discover their interest in music as devotees in the temples, the others were just fascinated by the capacity of this art form in shaping the cultural structure of the society. All of these artists come together from different walks of life, with the same goal in mind, which is to improve their livelihoods and to support their community through the prosperity of the local culture and the state of Himachal Pradesh.


Puran Chand


Puran Chand

Chaman Lal

Deen Dayal

I S Chandani


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