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Kasam’s voice has a powerful impact on the audience listening to him. He plays at all the happy and auspicious occasions in his village and villages around. He is son of the famous renown international folk singer “Ustad Nizzamuddin Langha”. His music evokes the right mood with songs of the desert and many specially composed songs to praise the patron and his family. He belongs to the Langha community and started learning music at the age of 10 from my father, Ustad Nizzamuddin Langha. Kasam Khan and his group is an amalgamation of young enthusiastic musicians and a leader who leads them throughout all the musical convoys. The group when sits together and perform they create a happy place for the people listening to them. The group has all the young members who are passionate about playing for public. All the members strongly believe that it’s their responsibility to carry forward their tradition of folk music and pass it on to the next generation. He believes that music is the purest form of connection between oneself and the Almighty. Along with performing with his troupe, he also teaches at a community school for skill development. For him it is his duty to teach the next generation what he knows about music and life. He has also trained his two daughters in music. After the documentation his music has become more accessible now. They hope to travel the whole world and spread the message of peace and love through their music.

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