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Suresh And Party

By December 5, 2023April 15th, 2024Documentations, Haryana

“Harmonizing Traditions: Suresh and the Timeless Legacy of Haryana’s Ragini Folk Theater”

Our journey into Haryana’s musical realm began in the company of the talented Suresh Ji and his enthralling group, a quest to capture their mesmerizing performances. The challenge lay not only in finding the perfect backdrop but also in keeping up with their infectious enthusiasm. Suresh and his group had a burning desire to share their musical prowess, and their high-energy performances left us spellbound. They transported us into the heart of Haryana with their soulful Haryanvi bhajans, delving deep into the profound themes of karma and the truth of Kalyug. Their music carried messages so beautiful and profound that they resonated effortlessly with our hearts. One bhajan, crafted by Pandit Lakhmichand nearly a century ago, prophesies the future of humanity, its words echoing across generations as timeless lessons. These bhajans aren’t just songs; they are life lessons etched into the very fabric of daily existence. Rooted in the rich tradition of Haryana’s folk music, they cater to the needs and interests of every stratum of society. Gathered in satsangs, these musical gatherings become a collective exploration of poetic narratives and historical stories, a celebration of shared culture and wisdom. Suresh Kumar’s journey into music began in his childhood, mentored by his grandmother and mother, both passionate singers. His uncle’s radio artistry added depth to his musical education. Suresh Kumar’s unique singing style captivated audiences during stage performances, making him a sought-after voice at any opportunity. He takes immense pride and joy in using music as a medium to impart life’s invaluable lessons, guiding people on their path. In 1980, Suresh embarked on a musical journey of his own, forming his group. His mission is clear: to enrich lives through his music, a desire to see people embrace the wisdom within his songs. The enchanting rhythm of the earthen matka, the melodies of the benjo and harmonium, and Suresh Ji’s captivating voice compelled us all to dance with unbridled joy as we recorded their mesmerizing performance. The two bhajans performed carry profound significance. The first emphasizes the importance of virtuous deeds and karma in one’s life, reminding us that our actions shape our destiny. The second, attributed to Saint Samand and influenced by Vedavyas, offers a prophetic vision of Kalyug, a world gripped by moral decay and spiritual decline.

Hrisha Rashmi (Volunteer)

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