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Sharan and Group

By November 28, 2018Jharkhand

Folk from the Foothills


Sharan and his team are from Laputhana, Ranchi, who at present lives in Pavatoli, Ranchi. The group leader, Sri Sharan is not just an artist but also has many feathers in his cap. He was an accountant in AG office and is also a Lawyer. Upon asking his relation and connection with music he gives the credit to his family and his upbringing in during his childhood. They perform a folk tradition called Urao which is one of the most famous in the state of Jharkhand. The group has won various accomplishments like a Gold Medal in Hyderabad. They have also performed in Maharashtra, Kolkata, Delhi etc. and have won many applause. They were also been honoured by the state government for their contribution to the art and culture of Jharkhand. Lok Seva Samiti gave him Jharkhand Ratan Award, Vishv Seva Samiti, Delhi – National Award.


One after seeing the sincerity and dedication towards the intricates of the performance that hey gave us we could easily guess that for the music has always been there as a learning and motivation and passion. He recalls of going to Akhada to sing and dance, but all of this was considered very demeaning by the artists. It was Sharan’s father who told him that once gone is lost forever so leave everything and pursue music. About the folk Sharan tells that all the 12 months have different songs, the folk culture so rich. He also makes sure that if not written the song will be lost forever and thus he maintain books of these songs by publishing them. That is his way of documenting the songs. We feel that Anahad needs more people like him to do come up themselves and do their bit, as the future generation is not using this language so it has to be preserved somehow. With the conversation going on with we reached the location which was decided by the team and it was right in front of the hill where they reside, making the set and the video look incredible. The entire team is very hard working and full of life. They believe in the policy of doing good, be good.


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