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Rashid Khan and Group

By November 28, 2018May 18th, 2019Rajasthan

Quench of Music with Langas


We had just begun our journey in Jodhpur when we happen to stumble upon a Sufi group who were singing some beautiful kalams by Bulleh Shah in front of our hotel. Rashid Khan Langa and his group members were all dressed in a white coloured kurta pyjama, turban on their head and beautiful piece of stole around their neck.  Upon asking he told us that they always wear white as it is the colour for purity and like the colour, they want to maintain the same with everything in their lives. This 30 years old man, Rashid hails from Phalaudi Village in Jodhpur. He hails from the famous Langa community of Rajasthan. Langas are versatile players of the Sindhi Sarangi and the Algoza (double flute), which accompany and echo their formidable and magical voices. They perform at events like births, and weddings, exclusively for their patrons (Yajman), who are cattle breeders, farmers, and landowners. “The ‘Sindhi Sarangi’ used by the Langas, is created by four main wires, with more than twenty vibrating sympathetic strings which help to create its distinctive haunting tones. The bowing of these instruments is a skilful exercise, often supported by the sound of the ‘ghungroos’ or ankle bells that are tied to the bow to make the beat more prominent.*

During seasons they perform at hotels where they earn Rs 6000 per month and at the time also gets 4 to 5 shows per month. According to him, the Langa community has always been passionate about music since generations. They ended the day with the song:


Dheema mandra te aaiyi jo ho raj jore invi raja nathdi ro hero neer khardne aaijo rajj

Come slowly O King!, and stay inside and don’t go anywhere, I will keep you the same way like I keep the diamond in my nose pin

Nathni ro moti karne rakho, hum raaj bhaino raja

I will keep you like the pearl in my nose pin, O King stay here

Sadura the laayijo oh lalayijo invi raj re ,

Whenever you will come back bring a stole for me, bring it O king!

sadure saath bhalero ro ni hum ro ni ree…

the stole looks beautiful on me

Hum roni re bhaino raja

Now don’t go


Rashid had introduced us with his group in a very different manner while seating together each started playing their respective instruments with songs describing them. The group is highly creative in terms of music and wishes to create songs which could be cherished by the coming generations, just the way he has been doing for his forefathers’ songs.


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