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By December 5, 2023April 15th, 2024Documentations, Rajasthan

The Nose Flute and Jogiya Sarangi: Musical Magic in Eastern Rajasthan

Have you ever witnessed someone playing the flute? No, we don’t mean your standard flute; we’re talking about a flute played through the nose. Yes, it exists, and it’s a testament to the extraordinary musical talents you can discover when you delve into Rajasthan’s rich cultural tapestry.

Our journey led us to the heart of Eastern Rajasthan, where we were to meet and document the artists of the Jogi community. Among them was an artist of remarkable skill—a singer, a flutist who could even play the flute through the nose, and, last but certainly not least, a master of the mystical Jogiya Sarangi.

The Jogis, primarily found in the eastern part of Rajasthan, are revered for their ability to weave enchanting melodies on the Jogiya Sarangi. This beautiful string instrument serves as a storyteller in its own right, allowing these artists to narrate a diverse array of folk tales. From the tales of Bharthari and Gopichand to the legends of Gorakhnath and the divine stories of Lord Shiva, the Jogiya Sarangi breathes life into Rajasthan’s folklore.

Recording these artists was nothing short of exciting and uplifting. With the lyrics of these tales coursing through their veins, they effortlessly launched into the epic saga of King Bharthari. It was a performance that transcended mere music; it was an immersive journey into the heart of the folk lore.

But it wasn’t just their musical prowess that left an impression. Meeting these artists was a humbling experience filled with laughter and joy. Their warm and friendly nature made the documentation process effortless, transforming it into a shared celebration of Rajasthan’s artistic treasures.

In the world of music, Rajasthan continues to surprise and enchant. The Nose Flute, the Jogiya Sarangi, and the captivating tales they bring to life are a testament to the region’s musical magic. These artists are not just musicians; they are custodians of Rajasthan’s rich cultural heritage, sharing it with the world one soul-stirring note at a time.

So, the next time you hear the haunting melodies of the Nose Flute or the soulful strains of the Jogiya Sarangi, remember that you’re not just listening to music; you’re embarking on a journey through Rajasthan’s history, stories, and the enduring magic of its musical traditions.

Hrisha Rashmi (Volunteer)

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