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Meva Sapera And Group

By December 4, 2023January 27th, 2024Assam, Documentations

Carrying forward the legacy of Bhavai Dance, a Symphony of Colors and Culture

Rajasthan’s folk can never be glimpsed through one glance. Like a book, it unfolds its diversity in every page and every turn. There is music, there is dance, there is arts & culture and, all well cooked together to serve anyone with delightful heritage and awe. 

Today, we were documenting two beautiful folk forms Kalbeliya and Bhawai. 

The Kalbeliya and Bhawai both echo distinct yet ethereal tunes, one that can charm the listeners. The essence of Kalbelia on one hand, represents the coexistence of culture with that of animals, especially the snake. While the Bhawai on another, showcases the poetry of songs of water. Bhawai refers to a pitcher and often in Rajasthan songs of water or “Panihaari songs” are sung in connection to the water. 

Our recording sessions featured the talented Mewa Sapera & group, whose warm spirits and heartfelt performances left a lasting impression. With songs like the renowned “Kalyo kud padyo” and “Bheeti mharo sone ki hoti,” their graceful swirls and twirls, reminiscent of serpentine movements, along with acrobatic feats in their costumes, stirred a range of emotions.

On another note, Poonam Sapera, Mewa Sapera’s daughter showcased exceptional balancing skills during her Bhawai performance, gracefully carrying pitchers on her head while executing precise moves. Balancing on the rim of glasses with their feet and pitchers on top is no small feat, but they executed it effortlessly.

What’s intriguing is that many of Rajasthan’s musical dance forms incorporate elements of acrobatics, demanding immense focus and determination. Women, in particular, shine on these stages, seeming as though they were born for them.

In the realm of Rajasthan’s culture, music and dance are intricately intertwined, akin to two facets of a precious coin. They not only complement each other but also boast a resplendent and regal heritage. 

As the folk music fills the air, it breathes life into the dancers, who, in turn, animate the audience. This synergy creates a captivating cycle where everyone converges into a shared moment, transforming it into a cherished memory.

Hrisha Rashmi (Volunteer)

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