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Meet Nadiram Deuri, a passionate music composer from the Tiwa tribe in Assam. With a warm smile, he embodies the spirit of his people. From an early age, Nadiram immersed himself in the folk music and culture of his tribe. As an avid researcher and composer, he breathes new life into age-old Tiwa traditions, creating melodies that connect with spirituality and nature.

Nadiram ji’s compositions come alive during festive celebrations like “Moinari kanthi misawa” and “Borot Utsav,” connecting audiences with their vibrant energy. He goes beyond creating music by authoring books and conducting workshops and seminars in schools and colleges through the government to preserve Tiwa traditions and share them with the world.

Despite limited formal education, Nadiram ji’s dedication to folk music spans over 14-15 years. Through his heartfelt melodies, he imparts wisdom and lives by the values he cherishes.
Previously, on January 20th, 1995, Nadiram Deuri achieved a significant milestone by creating the first-ever cassette recording of Tiwa songs.

Nadiram Deuri is a pioneer, illuminating the rich heritage of the Tiwa tribe and inspiring generations to come. He shares the goal of reviving the age-old traditions of the Tiwa community.


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Contact NADIRAM at +91 9365744954