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Hafeza Begum Chowdhary, a 59-year-old  Hindustani classical vocalist, effortlessly blends traditional and contemporary melodies. Her musical journey began in Assam, where she mastered loka geet, bor geet, and the rhythms of zikir and  zari. Her expertise lies in the genre Zikir Zari, a sufi form from Assam. As a skilled artist featured on All India Radio Guwahati, Hafeza’s soul-stirring voice has enchanted all her listeners. Her musical prowess runs in the family, with her talented sister and two gifted daughters gracing the airwaves alongside her. Together, they create harmonies that resonate through the very essence of Hindustani music. Beyond her performances, Hafeza is dedicated to fostering musical talent and giving back to the community. At her own music school, Sargam Sanskritic Gosthu, she imparts the artistry of folk and classical music, with a particular emphasis on the enchanting melodies of Zikir Zari, Bihu Geet, Bon Geet, and Tukari Geet. Not only does she empower aspiring musicians, but she also uplifts young Muslim girls, guiding them towards the vibrant world of music. Hafeza’s music draws inspiration from legends such as Azan Fakir Shah Milan, a Muslim preacher and saint from the 17th century, and the timeless works of Shankar Dev during his time in Assam. Her melodious compositions, enriched by heartfelt lyrics, weave tales that touch the very soul of the listener.

Hafeza’s profound knowledge of Zikir was passed down to her by her late gurus, Reikibuddin Ahmed and Kairimuddin Ahmed, each with their unique teaching styles. With great finesse, she skillfully presents both reinterpretations and traditional songs of Zikir and Zari, occasionally composing her own captivating melodies. Her collaborations with Banyan Tree Events have been numerous, showcasing her exceptional talent. In addition to her mastery of Zikir, Hafeza has also immersed herself in the vibrant world of Assamese folk music, acquiring expertise in various forms, such as Bihu Geet and Bon Geet, under the tutelage of her revered guru, the late Prabhat Sharma. Driven by a passion for empowering women and uplifting their spirits, Hafeza remains committed to her mission of dedication; she cultivates an atmosphere of learning and growth, nurturing aspiring musicians and inspiring them to reach their fullest potential. Hafeza Begum Chowdhary stands tall as a beacon of melody, dedicated to sharing the gift of music and creating a harmonious world, one note at a time.


Tikendrajit Bharali

Nikunja Medhi

Harekrishna Talukdar

Sayeda Saikia

Tasrin Ara Rohman


Contact HAFEZA BEGUM CHOWDHARY at +91 9954261340