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Daijed Sing Kharkongor, 31, is a talented vocalist, a duitara player, and a songwriter hailing from Shillong. Coming from a family of four children, with his mother as a homemaker and his father working in the government, Daijed is a full-time Khasi folk and fusion musician. He studied at St. Anthony’s College and pursued a BA in music. In addition, Daijed Sing Kharkongoi successfully completed a certificate course in Khasi percussion offered by the Khasi Jaintia Synod Assembly. From a young age, Daijed displayed a deep passion for music. During his school days, he showcased his talent and received accolades, fueling his musical ambitions. In fourth grade, he began playing Khasi folk music, mastering instruments like the ‘KaKsingShynrang,’ ‘kaBom,’ ‘kaPaidah,’ and the ‘Duitara.’ He went on to perform with SengKhasi and developed a strong understanding of the terminologies and techniques of the folk music form, or ‘ki skit.’ Daijed’s songwriting is also influenced by his encounter with Bah Kerios Wahlang in 2011. Inspired by Wahlang’s focus on nature, society, the bond between people and God, and righteousness, Daijed adapted and incorporated these themes into his own musical style. His journey of exploration and dedication to the essence of Khasi folk music led him to represent his folk form in numerous spaces. Today, he collaborates with various artists in Shillong and beyond.  Dajied also collaborates with various musicians from Shillong and beyond, such as Ñion and Summersalt. In 2020, he also had the opportunity to work as a session musician at Yash Raj Studios Mumbai. As a founding member of “Da-Thymmei Performing Arts,” a collective of Khasi folk musicians from Meghalaya’s Khasi and Jaintia Hills, Daijed continues to create captivating performances. Da-Thymmei Performing Arts, under Daijed’s leadership, has graced stages all across the state and country. Additionally, the group has recorded original music in studios, both for documentation purposes and their own creative projects. Daijed Sing Kharkongoi is an artist whose music embodies the richness of Khasi culture while incorporating innovative elements. His soulful vocals, mastery of the duitara, and heartfelt songwriting make him a remarkable presence in the world of Khasi folk and fusion music.


Mitcheal Johnson Syierlait

Pyniarbok Marbaniang

Swissco Sun

Melvin Kharamuniud

Phidariakor Mawiong


Contact DAIJED SING KHARKONGOR at +91 9856291662