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Jingjang A Sangma, 29, is the organizing secretary of the Garo folk forms in Meghalaya’s Arts and Culture Department. Hailing from the Garo tribe, he is dedicated to preserving and promoting their cultural heritage. Raised in a household where his late father and elder brother were esteemed Garo folk dancers, Jingjang was immersed in a musical environment from a young age. Nurtured by this background, he pursued a master’s in folk literature and obtained a diploma in folk dance and percussion from the prestigious Arts and Culture Department of Meghalaya. Jing began as an instrumentalist, skilled in playing Dama (drums), Adil (horn-like trumpet), and Rang (similar to gong). He is also proficient in the captivating Wangla folk dance, a traditional Garo dance form from Meghalaya. Jing is currently the Organizing Secretary for Garo art forms in Meghalaya’s arts and culture department. He excels in teaching the Garo dance forms and the accompanying instruments. Engaging in delightful discussions, Jing brought forth the essence of Garo folk forms. Jing revealed that his diverse group comprises approximately 40-50 members, with an equal representation of both girls and boys. Together, they passionately learn the Garo folk forms, proudly showcasing their culture on various platforms across different locations. Jingjang A Sangma, now a senior member of the group, has taken on the responsibility of teaching his group, whom he calls his younger brothers and sisters, to preserve the cherished traditions of their Garo tribe. With a diploma in Folk Dance and Percussion from the esteemed Art and Culture Department of the Government of Meghalaya, Jingjang imparts his extensive knowledge and skills to the next generation.


Baistar M Momin

Salinjar D Marak

Maanseng N Marak

William Cary M. Momin

Thaseng N Marak 


Contact JINGANG A SANGMA at +91 8119969347