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In the land of nomads, where the sands whisper tales of ancient traditions, the music of one such nomadic community known as the Mirasis thrives. At the forefront of this tradition is Sarvar Mirasi and his ensemble, a group that has kept the flame of folk music alive for generations. Rooted in the Sikar gharana, their music is a testament to the enduring allure of Rajasthan’s folk heritage.

Sarvar Mirasi, a 36-year-old learned Maand singer, inherited his musical legacy from a lineage that spans over seven generations. His journey into the world of music began under the loving guidance of his Guru and father, Ustaad Ahmed Khan. Followed by his elder brother, Salim, who further nurtured his musical talents. Today, he is a remarkable Maand singer with an experience of 21 years and a skilled harmonium player, residing in the bustling city of Jaipur.

But the magic of Sarvar Mirasi and his ensemble is not confined to one individual; it’s the collective synergy of ten exceptionally talented musicians that makes their performances truly enchanting. The group showcases an impressive array of traditional instruments, each contributing its distinctive essence to enrich their music. With Sarangi to Morchang, Bhapang, Khartal, Tabla, Dholak, Harmonium – their ensemble is a treasure trove of musical heritage.

The heart of their performances lies in the melodious rendition of Rajasthani Maand, a genre that echoes the classical Ghazals and Thumri. It’s in the intricate melodies, the poignant lyrics, and the soulful storytelling of Maand that the essence of Rajasthan’s folk music truly comes alive. Sarvar Mirasi’s voice carries the weight of tradition, weaving stories of love, valor, and the desert’s enchantment.

Yet, it’s essential to recognize the profound connection that Sarvar Mirasi and his ensemble have to their roots. They belong to the Mirasi community, an ancient group with deep historical roots spanning North India and Pakistan. For centuries, the Mirasi have been the torchbearers of folklore and oral traditions, preserving the very essence of Rajasthan’s cultural heritage. In districts like Jaipur, Jodhpur, Bikaner, Sikar and some other parts of eastern Rajasthan, the Mirasi community continues to nurture the soul of Rajasthan through their music.

Sarvar Mirasi sings several traditional as well as self-composed Rajasthani folk songs including Rajasthani Maand. His commitment to his musical heritage extends beyond his performances. As he imparts the age-old wisdom of the Sikar gharana to his own child, he is actively passing on this legacy to the next generation, ensuring that the ancient tradition continues to thrive.

The Mirasi musicians of Rajasthan are more than just artists; they are storytellers, historians, and custodians of a living tradition. Their music transcends time and space, captivating audiences with the soulful resonance of a land where tradition and talent unite in harmonious symphony. Sarvar Mirasi and his ensemble are living proof that Rajasthan’s folk music is not just a part of history but a vibrant, enduring force that continues to enthral the world.


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