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Ravi’s initiation into the world of music occurred against the backdrop of his idyllic village, Charkhi. Early performances alongside his father introduced him to the world of gazals and raaganis, serenading the beauty of Haryana’s musical heritage during his school days. Seeking guidance from esteemed mentors like Pandit Satendar Mishra, Mahaveer Singh, Dr. Ashok Verma, and Ustad Tanvir Ahmed Khan from the Delhi gharana, Ravi honed his skills and deepened his understanding of Haryana’s folk music.

From village gatherings to captivating audiences on stage during his 7th-grade years, Ravi Kumar’s journey was remarkable. In 2007, he took a significant stride by establishing his musical group, a collective endeavor to champion the cause of Haryana’s folk music. His unwavering love for this musical genre stems from his belief that it encapsulates a plethora of emotions and stories resonating with people’s hearts.

Woven into Ravi’s repertoire is a poignant song that echoes the dreams of a young woman on the brink of marriage, expressing her readiness to embrace responsibilities. The second song narrates a captivating scene of a young village woman whose presence electrifies the atmosphere, symbolized by lightning and the earth trembling in response. Ravi Kumar, more than a folk singer, emerges as a custodian of Haryana’s cultural legacy, ensuring that the soulful melodies continue to echo through generations, embodying the emotions, stories, and traditions of this vibrant state.


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