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Raju Nath & his group members, belonging to the Jogi community of Rajasthan, are the preserver of a unique tradition known as ‘Shivji ka Byawla,’ which translates to the stories of Lord Shiva’s marriage. It entails anecdotes from Shiva’s life that depicts her love for Sati and his divine union with her incarnation, Parvati. It is a part of the oral traditions that has been passed down through generations and is now a source of livelihood for them. Raju Nath, singer and Mashak player who has learnt this art from his grandparents and then from his parents, often quips, “Gaate gaate wo mar gaye, ab gaate gaate mai bhi mar jawanga” (They died singing; we will also die singing). 

However, in earlier times, the practice of these oral traditions was not the primary occupation of these artists. They hail from a small village called Mehangi in Rajasthan, which is approximately 40 km away from the city of Jaipur. Within the confines of this village, they resided, and their primary source of income came from cattle grazing in these lands. 

The journey of Raju Nath & Group began in 2013, but the roots of ‘Shivji ka Byawla’ trace back to their ancestors. Over time, this tradition has evolved, and Raju Nath’s generation has embraced it wholeheartedly. They have made it their mission to preserve and share the tales of Lord Shiva’s divine love with the world. The group’s repertoire includes captivating narratives from the life of Lord Shiva, Bhartari ki Katha, devotional bhajans dedicated to Goraknath Ji and Bhairav Ji, and other devotional songs dedicated to various gods and deities. 

One of the unique aspects of Raju Nath & Group’s performances is their use of traditional instruments. They employ a variety of instruments, each with its own distinctive charm and significance. These instruments include the Pungi, Mashaak, Harmonium, Dholak, and Chimta. The Mashaak, in particular, is a standout instrument in their repertoire. It is a wind instrument crafted from goatskin and wax, found predominantly in Rajasthan. This folk instrument is used to create mesmerizing melodies that accompany their songs and dances. What makes the Mashaak even more special is that the group members make it themselves.

The Mashaak is, essentially, a bagpipe made from full-size goat skin. It consists of a decorative blowing pipe crafted from bamboo, featuring five finger holes. This pipe is inserted and firmly fixed in the bag using wax. The instrument is played by blowing air through the mouth, and the inflated bag serves as the air chamber, controlled by the pressure of the musician’s arms. The hauntingly beautiful sounds produced by the Mashaak add a unique dimension to Raju Nath & Group’s performances, creating an immersive experience for their audience.

The group comprises Raju Nath’s brother and a few friends who share the same passion for music and spirituality. They first crossed paths in a temple while performing devotional songs, and their shared commitment to ‘Shivji ka Byawla’ brought them together. Today, they travel across the regions of Rajasthan, Haryana, and Delhi to perform Satsang, spreading the spiritual message and divine love through their enchanting music.


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