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Pranita Baishya Medhi, a renowned singer from Assam, embarked on her musical journey at the age of five under the guidance of her father-guru, Maniram Baishya. Born on March 1, 1972, in the textile town of Sualkuchi in Bathan village, she cultivated her classical training in music from the late Karuna Sankar Thakuria while pursuing her school education.

Pranita’s passion for music led her to excel in her studies, earning gold and silver medals in the Gauhati University Youth Festival during her time at Budhram Madhab Sattradhikar Mahavidyalaya. With a lineage connected to folk music through her father, Shrijut Maniram Baishya, and mother, Mohini Baishya, Pranita also delved into modern songs alongside her repertoire of folk songs.

Her talent as a folk artist was recognized by Akashbani Guwahati in 1989 and Assamese Modern Songs in 1998, earning her the prestigious “A” grade artist distinction in Assamese folk songs (Kamrupi lokageet) from All India Radio (Guwahati) in 2019. Since then, she has become a regular radio artist, enchanting audiences with her folk music and modern songs. Her first cassette featuring folk songs was released during that period, followed by several other notable releases.

Pranita Baishya Medhi’s musical journey expanded as she collaborated with esteemed artists such as the late Rameswar Pathak, considered the king of Kamrupiya Lokageet, and renowned flautist Late Prabhat Sharma. She also lent her voice to various audio and VCD albums, showcasing her versatility and talent.

Recognized for her contribution to Assamese cinema, Pranita had the privilege of singing with the popular Jubin Garg, earning accolades in movies like “Shuti Shaliki,” “Phuleswari,” “Nilaimatir Biya,” “Prabhu Narayan,” and “Banamali,” among others. Her impactful performances in both folk and modern songs have garnered her a dedicated following in Assam.

Pranita Baishya Medhi’s achievements extend beyond her musical recordings and films. She represented Assam in folk songs at the International Trade Fair in New Delhi and enthralled audiences with her folk performance at the Sangeet Natak Akademy-organized event “Susanskrit” in 2018. Her contributions to the cultural landscape have earned her the Son of the Soil Award in 2016, recognizing her as an emerging artist.

With her mesmerizing performances and widespread popularity, Pranita Baishya Medhi has become a household name in Assam, leaving an indelible mark on the present music scene.


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