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Manik Teron is a 43-year-old musical wizard from the Karbi tribe in the village of Mikirkuchi, near Guwahati. Behind his generous and courteous demeanour lies a man of immense talent, wit, patience, and dedication. Manik’s expertise lies in playing a variety of instruments, particularly wind instruments native to Assam, such as Bansuri, Phempa, and Morit. He is also skilled in playing the Kham (Drum) and possesses a captivating vocal ability. Music runs deep in Manik’s family, with his parents being farmers by occupation but sharing a mutual passion for folk music. His father, in fact, was a folk dancer of the Karbi tribe. His whole family has learnt the traditional Karbi and Tiwa dance forms. His wife was a folk singer at the All India Radio, and his son learns tabla alongside being an advocate.

Despite his primary occupation as a farmer, Manik relentlessly pursued the folk music traditions of the Karbi tribe. He imparts his knowledge as a musician by teaching traditional music and dance forms such as Karbi, Tiwa, Bihu, LaliLang, Karbi Domahi and so on to students at the secondary school he founded called “Nokhula.” His dedication to reviving the age-old traditions that grace the tribe’s history and heritage is truly commendable. While Manik did not receive formal musical qualifications, he refused to let go of his passion for learning the folk music of his tribe. He tries to preserve the traditions passed down through generations and performs reinterpretations of folk and traditional songs. Manik’s impact as a teacher and performer extends far beyond the walls of his school. He teaches music to students in schools, colleges, universities, and various other organizations and government institutions. His talent and dedication have even led him to perform at prestigious venues such as Rashtrapati Bhavan on January 26, 2009, and in front of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on April 16, 2023, accompanied by a group of 300 people.

Beyond his musical prowess, Manik has a friendly and playful demeanour with his students. He effortlessly balances being a teacher and a friend, creating a light and spirited atmosphere within his group. His ultimate goal is to preserve the Karbi tradition he holds dear and ensure that these art forms continue to thrive among the younger generation, solidifying their rightful place in history. Even the group of up to 15 members showcased an unwavering and remarkable preparedness in their dance forms, a true reflection of their teacher’s guidance and dedicated efforts.  Manik Teron dreams of showcasing the Karbi art form across India, envisioning a future where folk music provides a stable income for artists. 


Mamu Patar Teronpi

Tarun Puma 

Kanak Kro

Amarendra Deka


Contact MANIK at +91 9365057367