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Kalla Khan leads this group of seven, and his group members are Rafiq Khan, Jamil Khan, Sawai Khan, Jasu Khan, Butta Khan, and Naser Khan. They play khartaal, dholak, harmonium, bhapang, and dhol. They have been performing with each other since quite a long time. This group of young and talented folk musicians has performed in a few cities besides Rajasthan. Once, they gave a performance in a festival at a famous temple in Rajrappa, Jharkhand and got special mention from the Chief Minister of Jharkhand appreciating their enthralling performance. All the group members have learnt from their elders, by listening to their melodious music since birth, and performing with them. They usually perform Rajasthani folk music songs. Sometimes the group also presents Sufi and Qawaali compositions.


Naser Khan

Sawai Khan

Jamil Khan

Kalla Khan

Jassu Khan


Contact KALLA KHAN at +919660873109