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Jutimala Buragohain, 28, is a multi-talented artist hailing from Assam, India. As a singer, composer, lyricist, sound engineer, and the founder of the “Ethno Rock band,” ‘Jutimala and the Tai folks,’ her work is deeply intertwined with the culture of the ancient and royal Tai Ahom ethnic community, which ruled over Assam for over 600 years. At the age of 28, Jutimala devoted herself to a full-time career in music, specializing in ethno-folk music. Her musical journey began with a solid foundation in Hindustani classical music, which she further refined through comprehensive training in music vocals and sound engineering, honing her skills to perfection. Jutimala’s performances are a fusion of original compositions and traditional songs, drawing from the rich cultural heritage of the Tai Ahom community. She ardently believes in reviving and preserving the endangered traditions and language of the Tai Ahom community, known as the Khamki Ahom Tai Major Tribe. Exploring the workings of revival efforts and documenting the endangered aspects of their culture are among her key passions.

Despite the Tai Ahom community’s illustrious history, their language, Tai Ahom, is sadly now endangered. Jutimala has poured tremendous effort into keeping this beautiful language alive through her music. She draws inspiration from her grandfather, who used to chant prayers in the Tai Ahom language every morning. Jutimala has already composed and released more than 40 original songs, each contributing to the preservation of the Tai Ahom cultural legacy. In a significant achievement, Jutimala recently had the honour of representing Tai Ahom traditional songs at Bhoomi 2021, organized by Salim Sulaiman’s Merchant Records in Bollywood. Her performance garnered global recognition, including at prominent locations such as Times Square in London. She has also showcased the Tai Ahom culture on national platforms within various states and internationally in Bangkok, Thailand.

Jutimala’s remarkable journey in promoting Tai Ahom culture began with her receiving the Best Debut Singer award at the Gupshup Music Awards in 2017. Her dedication and invaluable contributions to Tai Ahom culture have earned her prestigious accolades, including the Joymoti Award in 2021 and the Achiever’s Award in 2019. As an artist, Jutimala Buragohain remains steadfast in her commitment to celebrating and preserving the vibrant heritage of the Tai Ahom community. Through her musical endeavours, she not only breathes life into their language and traditions but also ensures they thrive for generations to come.


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Contact JUTIMALA BURAGOHAIN at +91 8720979066