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A 35-year-old artist from Ghazipur, Jeevan Ram has been learning music through Dhobia. At the tender age of 7 years old, he took inspiration from his grandfather and started learning music. He has been working hard towards achieving mastery in his craft and pursues it with tremendous passion. The group led by Jeevan performs the beautiful Dhobia dance. As Ghazipur is very close to Bihar, the culture of both states is seen in music & dances. The Dhobia dance of this area is a very famous folk dance of this district when accompanied by enchanting music generated by Harmonium, Tabla, Dhol, Majeera, Nagara, Jhanjh, and Kartal at a magic spell on the spectator. Dhobia dance is common among the Washerman community, and this district produces some dancers of national repute. Among the rural folk, telling stories and legends singing are common. As the group began their dance, one could see their acrobatic ability taking their performances to a different level. In this art form, four dancers in the centre and two wearing the suit of a horse and acting as riders. They are surrounded by an 8 piece band of folk musicians playing traditional musical instruments.


Jeevan Ram

Nandu Ram


Vikash Kumar


Saltu Ram

Ram Awadh



Contact JEEWAN RAM at +91 7652099092