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What sets Hari Shankar’s group apart from other folk artists is that they write their lyrics on existing folk tunes and innovate the songs to better connect with the audience and make them relevant to contemporary times and issues.

They perform Lamtera, Gari, and other folk genres of Bundelkhand by giving them their unique touch. Lamtera is a traditional folk song sung on the occasion of Makar Sankranti when people go to take a bath in the river in the morning. Hari Shankar Acharya has rewritten the lines of this song to talk about rivers and lakes drying up due to climate change and their pollution by industries. He intends to raise awareness of the environmental hazard and encourage collective action to save the rivers.

Gari is a wedding song that is meant to evoke the feeling of love and commitment in the hearts of the bride and the groom. In addition to these, they also sing songs written on filmi tunes and other bhajans and kirtans.



Shyamlal Rathaur

Lakhan Lal

Ramprakash Prajapati

Heera Lal

Hari Shankar Acharya


Contact HARI SHANKAR ACHARYA at +91 9450273699