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Based in the quaint village of Chanderbhanpur in Kurukshetra, Gulab Singh & Group is a musical ensemble that embraces the essence of Haryana’s folk traditions. Gulab Singh serves as the lead singer and harmonium player, infusing life into the melodies with his soulful voice. Accompanying him is a female singer, Kavita rani, one of his disciples who can epitomize the vibrant spirit of Haryana with her melodious voice and traditional attire—adorned in a blue Haryanvi blouse, yellow skirt, and a striking red chunari. She is accompanied by the male instrumentalists in yellow kurta and white turban on Bean, Nagara, Dholak and Khanjari. They are highly skilled in the Phag and Ghoomar folk forms of Haryana.

Phag, rooted in the Hindu calendar month of Phalguna, is a spirited celebration of life and the changing seasons. Holi, the festival of colors, is synonymous with this month and Phag is a popular folk dance of Haryana and is performed during the festival of Holi. Gulab Singh & Group’s performances capture the essence of Phag, infusing it with energy and enthusiasm.

Phag is a lively music accompanied with dance that involves both men and women, set to the infectious beats of the Dhol and other musical instruments. This ancient folk music primarily thrives in Haryana’s countryside, and its lyrics often revolve around seasonal themes, love, relationships, and friendship. Young girls and women come together to sing these entertaining and fast-paced songs, adding to the exuberance of the celebration. Gulab Singh & Group pays homage to this unique tradition by incorporating Phag into their repertoire. Their performances evoke a sense of reverence and devotion, keeping this cherished art form alive.

Another folkform in which their expertise lies is a unique traditional artform of Haryana, the Ghoomar dance. Ghoomar is  popular in the western parts of the state. Young women and girls, bearing brass plates of offerings, move gracefully to the enchanting tunes of devotional songs. Ghoomar’s distinctive circular movements and elegant postures make it a visual spectacle, transporting onlookers to a world of devotion and spirituality.

Although Ghoomar is a Rajasthani dance, it has found a special place in the hearts of Haryanvis, particularly in regions like Laharu, Dadri and some parts of the Hissar and Bhiwani, bordering Rajasthan. This dance form holds religious significance and is often performed by women devotees on their way to the temple.

Through their performances, Gulab Singh and his group safeguard these time-honored art forms, allowing Haryana’s unique folk music and dance to endure and connect with audiences across generations. Their commitment to these traditions keeps the spirit of Haryana’s cultural legacy alive, ensuring its continued appreciation and understanding in contemporary times.


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Kavita Rani


Contact GULAB SINGH at +91 9416950917