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Sunil Kumar Singh is the Chief Trainer at State Manbhum Chhau Dance Artistic Centre in Jharkhand. He runs this training and research centre with musicians and dancers from across the country and is responsible for the world coming to understand the nuances of Chhau dance. Apart from Manbhum Chhau, he also teaches about other traditional dance forms of Jharkhand like Paika, Jhoomar, Damkach, Karma, Sarahul etc.

For him Chhau is life. He directs the plays with all his heart and soul and makes sure that it reaches people. He makes sure to put a message in each performance too. Traditionally Chhau is only practised by men but with efforts of Sunil Singh, girls have also started showing interest and participate with full enthusiasm. He wishes to take this art at international level with the girls too involved in it. He is very happy with the fact that UNESCO recognises this art form, thus he put in great efforts to revive it no matter what.

The group has members for whom Chhau is their passion. The beautiful Chhau dance is being directed and choreographed by the group leader Sunil Kumar. They all come from a small village in Silli district near Ranchi, Jharkhand. Mostly there are students in the group who come to Sunil for Chhau training. They all have been learning and the following this for a long time now. They are extraordinary artists who put in efforts at every performance with all their energy. For them representing their tradition and culture on all the platforms is their dream. They all wish to travel the globe and spread the message that their beautiful heritage has to give. Sunil has led the group to various national and international grounds and has won many applause for the extraordinary and magnificent performances presented by them.


Contact SUNIL MAHATO at +91 9835383835