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Dedicated primarily to the worship of Radha-Krishna and the celebration of divine love, the Banchari Nagada encompasses singing, dancing, and the mastery of various musical instruments. Ranging from devotional and love songs to martial, patriotic, and festive tunes, the repertoire of Banchari artists is diverse and adaptable to every occasion. The visual allure of the artists, adorned in kurta-pajama with vibrant turbans and garlands, is complemented by the resonant harmonium, dholak, manjeera, bansuri, and jhanj, with the monumental nagada standing out as the most impressive instrument.

As the Nagada beats come to life, the atmosphere is electrified with boundless energy. The dancers, synchronized with the rhythm and lyrics, create a mesmerizing spectacle, embodying the vibrant spirit of Haryana. Despite the advent of contemporary DJ culture, Chandan and his group reaffirm the timeless allure of folk music, often receiving encore performances as a testament to the enduring appeal of Banchari Nagada.

Looking ahead, Chandan envisions leveraging technology to disseminate the essence of folk music throughout India, standing as a testament to the profound cultural wealth thriving in our villages. In the resounding beats of Banchari Nagada, we don’t just hear music; we discover a profound connection to tradition, devotion, and the indomitable spirit of Haryana. Chandan and his group serve as reminders that India’s cultural heritage beats strongly in the authenticity of its folk arts, eagerly awaiting recognition and global appreciation.


Brijesh Sorout


Hare Ram


Prem Singh


Contact CHANDAN SINGH at +91 9812266147