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Bijaya Bora is a highly accomplished artist in Kamrupi Loksangeet, particularly known for her captivating devotional songs of Bor geet. At 63 years old, she holds a Bachelor’s degree in music (vocal) and has achieved the distinguished status of a high B-grade artist. With an extensive background in music, Bijaya has had the privilege of learning from renowned gurus such as Lat Phatie Bora, Lal Golap Mahanta, and Lal Hiren Sarma.

Having retired from her position at the Directorate of Information and Public Relations, Government of Assam, Bijaya currently resides at Joya Nagak, Beltola, Gowhhat. She shares her deep-rooted knowledge of folk music, particularly Bor geet and other Assamese forms, with numerous students. Throughout her illustrious career, she has performed in various locations across Assam and throughout the country, leaving a lasting impact on audiences. In recognition of her talent and dedication, she has been honoured as an exceptional singer by the state government of Assam.

Bijaya Bora continues to inspire and pass on her musical expertise to aspiring artists, ensuring the preservation and promotion of Assamese folk music for future generations.


Chandramita Borah

Lekha Rani Bora

Taranga Kashyap

Jogen Basumatary

Raj Kumar Rabidas


Contact BIJAYA BORA at +91 9707073422