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Nestled in Haryana’s Palwal district, Hawa Singh, a venerable figure at 90, stands as a custodian of the ancient art form, Been Jogi or Been Lehara. Embedded in the cultural tapestry of Nath and Jogi communities, this melodic tradition has been a constant wellspring of solace and jubilation for generations. Hawa Singh, with seven decades of mastery over the been, a wind instrument named after him, serves as an enduring source of inspiration and guidance for the younger generation.

Teaming up with Rambir Nath, the musical ensemble formed 15 years ago, shares a philosophy that every performance is an opportunity to share the profound beauty of their art. Their enchanting melodies have graced prestigious state events, communicating beyond language to resonate with the hearts and souls of their audience. Adorned in folk costumes, they become living embodiments of their heritage, diligently preserving the timeless tradition of the been.

The been, an ancient wind instrument, holds deep cultural significance within the Nath and Jogi communities, tracing its roots back to the legendary Kanipa Nath, who was believed to heal ailments through his musical prowess. The intrinsic connection between the ethereal tunes of the been and the natural world stands testament to the profound impact of music on all living beings.

Rambir Nath and his dedicated group not only safeguard a time-honored tradition but embody the very essence of Haryana’s musical legacy. Their performances, akin to a carefully preserved time capsule of ancient melodies, carry forward a heritage deserving of celebration and appreciation for its captivating tunes. Through their unwavering dedication, they ensure that the living heartbeats of Haryana’s musical legacy resonate ceaselessly, echoing through the corridors of time.


Surjeet Singh

Harji Nath

Ugam Nath


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