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Rajasthani Maand in Rajasthani folk is considered as the most sophisticated style of folk singing of the region. The term “Maand” finds its roots in the Marwari language, meaning ‘to inscribe’ as it was inscribed in one flow as a narrative of praise for the kings. It is one of the most popular Rajasthani folk music narrations and has come a long way with time. Earlier, it was only sung in royal courts, praising the Rajput rulers and the local heroes. It was then mostly sung either by nomadic performers or appointed court singers. Maand, with its origins in the Raag Bilaval (Thaat), has evolved into a mesmerizing genre that continues to enchant listeners.

Babulal Bhatt, affectionately known as Guruji among the villagers, is a 76- year old highly skilled Maand Singer. He hails from Renwal Manji village, situated in the Phagi Tehsil of Jaipur district in Rajasthan. Stemming from a musical heritage, Bhatt’s grandfather, Gangaram Ji, was a Sarangi Maestro who once graced the courts of the Kishangarh Durbar. Babulal Bhatt’s musical journey began at such a young age that he can hardly recall when he first laid his hands on the harmonium. He learned Maand under the guidance of his Guru, Charanji Lal Tawar who edified him to sing Maand in Akashvani Jaipur.

While Maand was initially a male-dominated art form dedicated to the eulogies of kings and nobility, it soon transcended its gendered origins. Men began composing Maand in the voices of women, adding a new dimension to this musical tradition, as in ‘Kesariya Baalam Padharo Mhare Des’. Kesariya Baalam is the most popular Rajasthani maand, a timeless classic that evokes deep emotions. “Kesariya Baalam” translates to “saffron-hued beloved,” where saffron symbolically signifies good health and beauty. This Rajasthani Maand is a heartfelt invitation from women to their husbands who have ventured far from home for work. The wives express their longing and send an invitation to the better half darling to come and see their homeland. 

Despite being written in a female voice, Maand remains an art form primarily performed by men. It is a structured form of music which adheres to the format of the tune, rhythm and lyrics in a prescribed manner. This format ensures that the essence of Maand remains intact. They are sung as a welcome song, in weddings or even as a part of daily lives and in celebrations. Babulal Bhatt, with his immense talent, has created a composition of his own which is a sequel to ‘Kesariya Baalam Padharo Mhare Des’, delving into the emotions that follow when the beloved husband returns home. Through his artistry, he continues to breathe life into this age-old tradition, ensuring that it remains relevant and cherished by generations to come.


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