Bhera Ram is a 58 years old artist from the small village of Bhadresh in the Barmer district of Rajasthan. Apart from being a musician, Bhera Ram is also a farmer who manages to make his living from both activities. He says that, sadly, performing music is not enough to make a living, that is why he has to do farming as well. He sings songs in praise of Lord Krishna, Heli, Pyare and other bhajans. His most favourite song is ‘ Heli jau pyare ghane jau’ which is about devotion and faith towards the Almighty. He is also very fond of singing Kabir and Meerabai songs that are part of Heli and Pyare devotional songs. It has been 30 years since he has been singing. His father and grandfather also used to sing traditional folk songs and that is how he has learnt everything he knows about music. He also plays tandoora or veena. Bhera Ram does feel bad that after seeing his financial condition none of his sons ever wished to learn music but he is glad that they are happy in their lives and jobs. Bhera is the sort of person who is happy with his life and music. For him, the joy that the music and the songs give him is incomparable with any other happiness in the world. He has never stepped out of Barmer but would love to go to other venues and perform. He wants to take his group around the world and spread love, peace and happiness through music everywhere they go. He also wants to record his songs in a studio someday.

Bhera Ram group’s members are Paras Ram who plays manjira, Sehra Ram who sings and Kishan Ram who plays dholak and tandoora. They all are experts at their respective role. They go and perform wherever they are invited. Their fee is not fixed, it varies from Rs500 to Rs21000 in their village, depending upon the financial status of the families who invite them. They have performed only in Barmer as of now. They rejoice about the time when they were called to perform at Akashvani in Barmer, twice. Bheram Ram would love to go outside Barmer and perform with his group. They want to travel and explore the world together with their music.


Parsa Ram

July 30, 2018

Kishan Ram

July 30, 2018

Sehra Ram

July 30, 2018




Contact BHERA RAM at +91 9982314890