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Project Brief

#TogetherForTomorrow aims at providing financial aid to the performance industry workers impacted by COVID-19.

The current situation with COVID-19 pandemic has led to an unprecedented lockdown and cancellation of all live shows. This crisis has put our industry workers – ranging from sound engineers to tentwalas at great risk due to no events happening right now or for the foreseeable future. While artists are now going digital and have found alternatives, the freelancers and daily wagers of this industry are severely affected owing to the onground nature of their work. 

#TogetherForTomorrow will serve as an emotional gesture that will give financial respite to these unsung heroes and a sense of belongingness.

Impact Partners

TogetherFortomorrow is a fundraiser initiated by Spectal Management in partnership with Anahad Foundation. Supported by VYRL, OML, Mixtape, SNL and NCM.

Spectal Management is a boutique talent management agency with event management & brand activations as its parallel vertical.

VYRL originals is a platform from UMI that is dedicated to building the culture & category of non-film music in India.

OML a new media and entertainment company that partners with creators to build content, IPs & live experiences that impact culture and help brands come closer to consumers.

Mixtape Entertainment is working at the forefront of the independent music industry, specialising in booking talents and managing world-class events and festivals across the globe

SNL Pro is one of the biggest names as a tech production & reinforcement company for live & televised events in India.

NCM Agency is an Artist Management Company who has toured 150 + international EDM artists in India, and hosted 700 + Club gigs across India

Data Collection Methodology

Step 1 – Collection of data

Step 2 – Analysing and interpreting the data by segregating it on the basis of city and job profiles.

Step 3 – Filtering the data by identifying the correct target audience through one to one calls.

Step 4 –  Prioritising basis a fixed set of questions with the help of a regional panel consisting of reputed touring engineers and event agencies.

  • Phase 1:  People who have no income at all and no other source of livelihood in the dependent/immediate family

  • Phase 2: People who have certain income through other means (though not equivalent to pre lockdown income) but still not enough to support the family.

  • Phase 3:  People with zero income but immediate family is supporting them to an extent.

The distribution of funds will progress from one phase to the next depending on the amount raised.

Benefactor Due-Diligence and Eligibility

Questions that would be asked to verify benefactor

  • Job profile/Designation
  • Sector of the events and performance industry he/she is working for (Example – Weddings, live shows, clubs, movies/shoot, artists)
  • Is/was a salaried employee?
  • Few events/people wherein the person has worked in the last 6 months (before lockdown) 
  • Approximate monthly earnings before the lockdown 
  • How have they managed the last 3 months? (If they have any kind of savings as of now) 
  • How many family members & dependants? (These individuals will be given priority ) 
  • Is there anyone else in the family who is working/earning? If not, then how are you managing daily stuff like groceries and all? 

Fundraising Goal, Timelines & Target Benefactors

The campaign will run for at least 60 days and is divided into 2 phases: 

Phase 1
Total Fund – 10,00,000
Fund per Individual – 5,000 per month for a period of 2 months
Time Span- Start with 4 weeks and extend on the basis of donations.
Total number of Eligible Individuals – 100

Phase 2 In addition to Phase 1
Total Fund – 20,00,000
Fund per Individual – 5,000 per month for a period of 2 months
Time Span- Basis Phase 1.
Total number of Eligible Individuals – 200