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Kairle Bhajan Group

By November 28, 2018Jharkhand

Musical East Jharkhand


Chota Nagpuri is one of the oldest musical and dance form of Jharkhand since Jharkhand was also known as Chotanagpur. Nagpuri is mostly famous in Ranchi region. Nagpuri is also a language and has related music, folk songs and dance form. In this category also, the group would perform both music and dance. Sulekha and Arun are leaders for this group who sing in Chota Nagpuri language. She sings in Chota Nagpuri language which is one of the many dialects spoken in Jharkhand. Chota Nagpuri is mainly spoken in Ranchi and is said to be a sweet language that depicts love and kindness.


The songs too thus sound very sweet and melodious.  Her songs have been recorded once in a studio in Delhi which she did voluntarily for her Guru Prem Rawat ji. Audios and Videos of the song are played in the region, though no one knows that they were composed and sung by her. their team has been invited to perform in many cities in Jharkhand and also Delhi. They are regular TV and Radio artists though do not realize that the flavours of their unique local music can easily create waves internationally. The group is very fond of singing religious songs and love to listen to them too. Arun and Sulekha both write also their own songs and compose them later.


The group is very well coordinated as they have very well arrangement of the songs and their selection of people is also very well defined as per their role in the song. Like all the other dances of Jharkhand, the folk dance that goes with Chota Nagpuri is also very primitive in nature. It is very traditional in taste and is inherited by tribal people from centuries who treat them as heritage.  They have been passing on this tradition from one generation to another since ages. The dances are of various types in tempo they are slow dances and very fast dances also. The dance style is a mixture of slow and fast dance. It is largely presented in the Nagpuri movies also.

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