Shridhar is from a small village of Barmer in Rajasthan called Bhadresh. He is 48 years old, from the Meghwal community of Rajasthan. He is mostly into singing devotional folk songs. He was born into a family who have been following the tradition of singing folk songs from ages. He has learnt everything he knows about music and the bhajans from his father and grandfather whom he used to accompany in almost every show when he was a little boy. He never had a defined or specific training while learning the traditional folk bhajans. For him ‘Satsangs’ are a source of positivity and he will not stop singing bhajans till he dies. Unlike the artists from his community he used to learn songs after writing them on small bits of papers. He can sing bhajans in all the ragas as per the specific timing of the day. He has in-depth knowledge of music. Shridhar wants to transmit this art to his children but he is not sure how far they would be able take it as they look a little disinterested. Then he remembers that he himslef was also disinterested when his father used to sing and so it is possible his son, like him, could become interested too some day. So he says that to keep the tradition alive he will continue singing in the hope that his son will be interested in it later on. He hopes to find a way to help everyone in the country identify themselves with traditions.

Shridhar and group have been together since many years now. They perform with each other everywhere they are invited. The group has Labu Ram who plays manjira or jod, Bagga Ram who plays also manjira, Narpat who plays dholak and Hakradan who plays harmonium and sings as well. They all are experts at whatever role they play. They get very few shows in their village every month and the charges for those varies with the families that invite them. For them folk music, especially bhajans act like energizer whose power they feel in their mind and soul. They believe that life has been more difficult for them compared to other communities who have been performing for the royal families and have royal patronage. They all have taken up folk music as a career out of passion and true love for it. They want everyone to do the same and think that noone should be forced to opt for music especially as a career.


Akham Dan

July 30, 2018


July 30, 2018

Bagga Ram

July 30, 2018

Labu Ram

July 30, 2018




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