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Gazi always had a dream to travel abroad and showcase his talent. Gazi Khan gives full freedom to their children to pursue music as a career, but still encourages them to get a basic education. He himself is illiterate but still considers education as the utmost necessity of the today’s generation. He feels that the Rajasthani folk music need a better platform from where it can reach out more number of audience as he believes that folk music has the quality of touching the soul of the audience. Gazi has been performing ever since he was a child, but every performance he did was through some manager or any other agent. He always depended on the third person for the shows. Gazi has quite an interest in recording his songs. He wishes to launch his music album one day. He now wants to develop a community studio in his village Barna so that the artists can record their songs over their without any trouble and paying hefty amount of money.

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