Panchanan Munda is 40 years old from a village of Silli district near Ranchi, Jharkhand. He is a very hard working man with his life revolving around his culture and traditions. His interests are as amazing as him. By profession, he is a Government school teacher and by passion, he follows the folk music culture of his region. He belongs from Mundari community of Jharkhand. His entire interest lies in promoting and encouraging the Mundari folk culture in the young generation of his community. Apart from teaching children in his community, he also teaches the details, intricacies and history of his Mundari folk. Munda is a very dedicated artist himself, he believes that one should be are of their roots and should put in all efforts to carry forward it. He helps the children in his community to by providing them with traditional dresses and arrangements while they go for performances. He tries his best to make sure that none of the artists around him faces any trouble during their performance.

The group of member in this team have elaborate rituals to celebrate birth, death, engagement and marriage. The birth of a boy is celebrated as an earner for the family, and the birth of a girl is celebrated as a family caretaker. Lota-pani is the engagement ceremony. Dali Takka, a monetary gift to paternal guardians, is generally paid before the marriage. Marriage, considered one of the main rituals of life, is a week-long festivity. Munda people of Jharkhand also follow the old age tradition of Patthalgari i.e. stone erection in which the tribal community residing in the village buries a large inverted u shaped dressed headstone on the head side of grave or entrance of village in which is inscribed the family tree of the dead persons.*




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