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Roop Khan and Swaroop Khan are singer duo brothers who hail from Satto village of Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. The group together when sings, create a mesmerizing atmosphere amongst the audience and leave them to spellbind after their performances. The seasoned artists in the group are responsible for the teaching and guidance of the younger artists present in the group. They sing mostly authentic original songs from their traditional heritage which has been passed on from their forefathers to them which each generation. They want to make a platform for all their community members where they can be treated equally with respect. Roop and Swaroop wish to set an example in their community by achieving something in life and also keeping the balance between both their studies and music. Roop and Swaroop were always fascinated towards the songs they used to listen on their phones or television. They heard their recorded voice for the first time after Anahad’s documentation of their song. They first shied away as they couldn’t believe that it was their voice. But they definitely felt confident over their voice textures and looked more determined. For them it was an experience that acted as a turning point, they had never imagined that their voice would sound so amazing after the recording. They felt assured that after the completion of their studies they would go ahead with music as their full-time career and represent Rajasthan all over the world.

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  • Pooja Goel says:

    Really appreciate what Anahad is doing. Giving someone happiness is not easy and understanding the hard work and dedication of artists and showcasing it to the social media is really commendable. Good job Anahad team. Keep it up.

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