Jamil, 17, has been learning music for the past 7 years and been associated with Kalla Khan and group for more than 8 years. His father has solely been his source of inspiration and motivation. All the group members are his fellow relatives and that helps them coordinate and function in a better way. Three generations of his family are deeply involved with music and that is what he plans to do further in life. He wishes to grow as a folk musician and perform in the major parts of the country and around the world. He believes his group is different because they have a treasure of old songs no one else has. He also writes his songs and wishes to perform them in the near future. Raag Bhairavi and Ghoomar are two of his favourites. Jamil Khan plays mostly dhol in the group and can also perform dholak, bhapang and khartaal.

He has already performed in the major cities of Rajasthan and India but still wants a wider audience to see their art. He sees the internet as the next big thing and wishes to explore it further.

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