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Jaswant and Group

By November 28, 2018Punjab

Jewels of Folk Music


Punjab’s folk heritage has a huge collection of traditional jewels. The songs are about everything, everyone, and every phase of one’s life. The songs from birth to death, to different stages of life, everything can be found in the treasure of Punjabi folk songs. The music in this region has all the treasure of traditions. The Punjabi folk music’s rhythm is very simple and not complex. Punjab lacks musicianship and hence the genre reuse the old tracks which were created years ago. Punjab folk music has a huge range of songs and it is because of the youngsters like Jaswant and his group that these traditional heritage has been restored and cherished till today.


Sachche akhana na kamlu bahut samjhaya


Jhalle dil utha zor bada paaya


Bass bulla rahi uthhe mereiyan


Main bol ken aa dassa sadgi


Jaswant and his group love to make people dance on their tunes of songs that they play with. They are very professional and make people dance and enjoy their songs. The group is very mature and the member thinks in such a way that helps them in curating the songs whenever they go for performances. The group leader Jaswant directs them and makes sure that they loved by people. They sing all kind of songs, whether it is for birth, marriage, romance, love, etc. All they remember to do while performing any song is to enjoy themselves.

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