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Dapu always had a dream to travel abroad and showcase his talent. Dapu Khan gives full freedom to his children to pursue
music as a career, but still encourages them to get a basic education. He himself is illiterate but still considers education as the
utmost necessity of the today’s generation. He always felt that the Rajasthani folk music needed a better platform from where it
can reach out more number of audience as he believes that folk music has the quality of touching the soul of the audience.
Dapu has been performing ever since he was a child, but every performance he did was through some manager or any other
agent. He always depended on the third person for the shows. Dapu had quite an interest in recording his songs. When he met
Anahad’s team, he recorded two songs and his website was made. After a training session with Anahad, he knew how to use
the digital platform and other accessories given by Anahad to him for his own good. Within 3 months of his website launch, he
got 2 big wedding contracts of Rs 45,000 and Rs 40,000, he also got a show in Germany and in this January he came back
from the USA after shows. Not only this his video on YouTube got viral with 702,747 views and also bagged collaboration offers
from famous YouTube celebrity like – Drishyam Play, which on today’s date has 1.3+ million views.


  • Nishant Rathore says:

    Heard his version of Mumal, very well incarnated indeed. You guys are doing a tremendous job promoting these indigenous artists. I wish you guys make an even bigger impact and connect cultures and the nation through music and your undertakings. Wishing you all the very best! Keep up the good work.

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