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Chanaini is an Awadhi ballad that tells the story of warriors who invade enemy territories and vanquish them. They not only attack the enemy territories to defend their territories but also to woo and win over the women there. It is known by many names in different places, like Chanda in Bhojpuri and Chandravali in Bengal, and they can all be classified under the common name of Lorki. The primary moral of these songs is the establishment of justice and peace in society, and these songs are performed all night in the villages. Chanaini finds mention in Prithviraj Raso and was very influential upon the Awadhi poet Mulla Daud “Chandayan”.

Vijay Kumar sings Chanaini, among many other folk genres and is a man of many talents. He can play about eight different instruments and is also a trained Kathak dancer. Not only does he perform the folk forms, but he is also well-versed in their history and background. The rest of the group includes his student and other renowned musicians from Jaunpur district. Vijay Kumar also composes his own songs in the existing folk tunes, including Chanaini, and has performed for the government and at many other events.

The group also performs some rare Awadhi folk forms like Kahruwa, which is the Awadhi variant of Kaharwa. This was historically performed by the Gond people at occasions and events of the Prajapatis. These songs describe the experiences of a pair of lovers and feature elaborate descriptions of beauty.


Vijay Kumar

Pradeep Kumar Vishwakarma

Kamlesh Kumar Shriwastav



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