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Sutrdhar is a musical academy for classical and folk music in Kullu, which has been making and polishing the best of the artists coming from the region. With the much-coveted music teacher, Pt. Vidyasagar Sharma and proficient proteges like Twinkle, the best of the best musicians from Kullu district come here to learn and grow their abilities in their beloved art form.

The organization was founded in 1977 by the youth of the region for the purpose of promoting cultural activities and preserving various classical art forms. They participate in every cultural event and music competition in the country and are starting to gain popularity outside Kullu as well. In 2014, they organized a three-day event which was held in the background of the academy’s 37th Anniversary and was purposefully conducted to invigorate school children for engaging in cultural events and competitions and learning to showcase their talents. A group from the Kala Sangam was also spotted participating at the International trade fair 2019 in New Delhi.

They also teach the traditional folk music of the region which is meant for the dance form called “Nati”. Kulluvi Nati, a type of dance form which is native to Kullu and is said to have originated from the Raas-Lila, a part of the mythical story Krishna (worshipped as the eighth avatar of the god Hindu god Vishnu) which has been mentioned in scriptures like the Bhagvata Purana and literature such as Gita Govinda, where Lord Krishna dances with Radha and her “sakhis”. People from all walks of life come together to dance to the beats of traditional instruments such as Dhol, Nagada and Karnal in a lackadaisical manner. This dance form represents peace and harmony in the midst of the purity of nature present in the state of Himachal Pradesh.

Pt. Vidyasagar has a way of making deep connections with his students and providing them with a sense of moral support and a strong father figure to turn to according to his pupils. He has been shaping the music of Kullu for the past decade not just through his own talent but also his ability to pass on the knowledge to the youth. With the support of highly skilled and gifted artists like Twinkle, the Kala Sangam will continue to create and inspire the young generation of musicians of the region.


Surender Kumar


Vidya Sagar Sharma


Contact VIDYA SAGAR at +91 98161 63578