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A 50-year-old artist from Jaunpur, SP Chauhan, has been learning music through many art forms played traditionally and sung in Uttar Pradesh. At the young age of 20, he started learning music taking inspiration from his father. He has been working hard towards achieving mastery in his craft and pursues it with tremendous passion. He also believes that music is a gift that has been given to him by god. When he was a child, he would imitate his father and thus, picked up the will to sing and never stopped learning. The brilliance of Awadhi folk comes into light as you meet and watch artists such as SP Chauhan and the troupe he leads. As a vocalist, SP Chauhan displays undeniable brilliance and passion in his songs. Behind that is a person who is bold and honest as he talks about the art of the region fervently. The group has highly experienced musicians who have been learning and playing musical instruments even before reaching adolescence, most of them inspired by the traditions in their family. Sony Niyazi, their Harmonium expert, goes by in Lucknow and pretty much everywhere, was the one providing them with harmony through his skills in playing the Harmonium. Originally a Banjo player who has also mastered the Keyboard, this brilliant musician specializes in Qawali and Bhajan music. A brilliant rhythm and percussions specialist, Rakesh Kumar accompanied him with young tabla artist, Dulare Hussain, and an excellent chorus and backing vocalist Akhilesh Vishwakarma. They came together as a group that knows each other in and out, which is always evident in their masterly coordination and rhythmic understanding. The sound of their music hitting our eardrums is very awe-inspiring. The vocal ability of SP Chauhan in chorus, a symphonic togetherness with the band, truly gives the experience of a lifetime.


Dulare Hussain

Akhilesh Vishwakarma

Rakesh Kumar

Soni Niyazi

SP Chauhan


Contact SP CHAUHAN at +91 9415004986