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A 57-year-old artist from Banaras has been learning music through Sohar and Kajri. At a young age, she began to learn folk and classical singing and took inspiration from Chhanulal Mishra and Swargiya Vagheshwari Devi. She has been working hard towards achieving mastery in her craft and pursues it with soaring passion. Along with Bijay Sharma on the Harmonium, another coveted musician from Banaras, the group has a Shehnai player Ustaad Fateh Ali Khan, who is a special artist and believes that the talent for playing shehnai is vanishing from the world and needs to be saved and Dholak player from the region, Pt. Subhash Kanaujiya. The whole group possesses extraordinary talent and experience in Indian classical and folk music forms. This bunch of artists has a tremendous ability to capture and galvanize their audiences. Their songs smoothly pick up with harmony along with the Shehnai as the beats of Dholak joined into the right amount of punch to every song. Saroj Verma’s vocals would fit the combination so well that each and everyone present over there would lose themselves to the music. Despite all their struggles, they strive to keep developing their craft and dream to write more books to educate future generations about folk and classical music in the future to see themselves succeed through the art that they love so much. Someday in the future, they see themselves succeeding through the art that they love so much.


Ustaad Fateh Ali Khan

Vijay Sharma

Saroj Verma

Pt. Subash Kanauya


Contact SAROJ VERMA at +91 9838945119