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In a world dominated by modern beats, Rangle Sardar stands out as a beacon of traditional folk music. This group of vibrant young musicians from Punjab, consisting of Maninderpal Singh, Inderjeet Singh, Jaskarn Singh, and Ajam Khan, brings the ancestral wisdom of Punjab to life through their powerful and harmonious renditions. Their music isn’t just a performance; it’s an educational journey that reflects the teachings of venerable gurus and the essence of life itself.

The group’s repertoire features poignant lyrics that resonate deeply, reflecting themes of compassion, valor, and spiritual guidance, encapsulated in the rustic charm of folk instruments. Each member, in their twenties, brings a unique flavor to the ensemble—Maninderpal with his harmonium mastery, Inderjeet’s rhythmic prowess on the dhol and tabla, Jaskarn’s melodious harmonium tunes, and Ajam’s soul-stirring sarangi. Their collective performances capture the quintessential spirit of Punjabi heritage, making every concert a heartwarming experience.

Despite their youthful age, their music carries the maturity and depth of seasoned artists, embodying the cultural richness of their homeland. Rangle Sardar is not just a musical band; they are cultural ambassadors, aiming to connect more people with the vibrant traditions of Punjab through their compelling and melodious artistry.


Ajam Khan

Maninderpal Singh

Inderjeet Singh

Jaskarn Singh


Contact ARSHDEEP SINGH at +91 7837275741