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Taking inspiration from the likes of SD Kashyap, Raj Himachali and his group of Nati dancers and musicians are quite a sight to watch. As a musician and a singer, Raj Himachali and his group have made tremendous progress in the field through their melodies. Raj Himachali has become a phenomenon is the region around Kullu and writes as well as performs songs for the traditional Nati dance of the region. 

This dance form is known as Kulluvi Nati and is only one variant of at least 12 different types of Natis which are native to the state. This intriguing form of dance is performed by the native people in a visibly delightful manner. The meekly flow of the dance along with colorful dresses made from yak leather and other local fabrics makes for a mesmerizing and exquisite sight. 

The dance has also earned a listing in the Guinness Book of World records for being the largest performed folk dance of the world when over 9000 women participated at the International Kullu Dussehra event which was dedicated toward spreading the message for empowerment of women and girls, across the world and to promote Himachal government’s campaign of “Beti hai Ammo” which translates to “Daughters are priceless”. The people of Himachal Pradesh began to call this event “The pride of Kullu”.

Raj Himachali is a versatile vocalist who claims that he can sing in a woman’s voice also (“Lata Mangeshkar’s voice” to quote his words). His entertaining attitude and mind-boggling vocal ability are bound to leave you flabbergasted. Even though he is starting to gain popularity in the region through “Youtube”, Raj Himachali still believes that it is hard to earn a livelihood for folk musicians and yet he wishes to pursue the path that fascinates him along with a well-trained group of dancers and instrumentalists. 


Raj Kumar

Raj Himachali


Contact RAJ HIMACHALI at +91 9816422554