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Parthasarthi is a folk artist from Ramanagara. He is a part of Veeragase team that performs Tamtevaadiya and Veeragase. Parthasarthi stresses that the purpose of Veeragase, adding that it is the violent avatar of Lord Shiva also known as Veerabhadra. There are various people like Byrappa, Mahesh, Shivanna, Seenappa and others from whom he has learnt and exhibited this art. For Parthasarthi, this is the only profession and nothing else. Parthasarthi has taught in various schools and colleges like Bidathinahalli, Basaveshwara, Shyamala school, Karevinahalli, Channapatna Government First Grade College, Bengaluru GKVK college and many other colleges.  Parthasarthi had learnt this art from his teacher Byrappa and also Mahesh. In order to learn this art, Nagegowda has built the entire Janapada Loka. It also had played a very important role.

Parthasarthi along with his team has performed in various places like Delhi, Haryana, Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu, Orissa and various other states of the country. Approximately, the team has been conducting programmes for 15 years. The team experiences joy and has the prime objective of saving this art. They are a very passionate group of musicians and dancers. According to them not only video but also audio recordings of the performance have been done. However, they are not sure where they are as of now. They are keen on teaching the art form to their children so that it can be passed on to the next generation.


Contact PARTHSARTHI at +91 9731939171