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Amabel Susngi, at 27, is a versatile and polished vocalist, singer, and musician specializing in blues, pop, jazz, rock n roll, and folk. With a professional career spanning since 2012, Amabel’s passion for singing was nurtured from a young age by her parents, who led choirs in church. Singing alongside her father in church, she quickly gained recognition and began performing at various events. Her musical talent extends beyond vocals, as she proficiently plays percussion and string instruments. Hailing from West Jaintia Hills and belonging to the Pnar community, Amabel is a full-time musician and music teacher. She holds a diploma in Tonic Solfa, mastering the art of singing Western classical notation. Her educational journey includes undergraduate and master’s degrees in music, focusing on traditional instruments and singing. Currently pursuing a PhD in music, Amabel is dedicated to documenting the compositions of Pnar composers, showcasing her commitment to preserving cultural heritage. Led by Amabel is her folk music group called “Mookhuri”, which parallelly runs side by side with her other endeavours and her other band, which is a rock n roll band.
With Mookhuri, their aim is to compose a vast array of traditional songs with captivating drumbeats and unique styles. Their fervent hope is to introduce these tunes to the world, turning them into cherished folk classics for generations to come.

Amabel’s expertise lies in her captivating singing style, where she embodies unique musicianship through the way she delivers. She will always be seen performing with a bright smile on her face, which would warm any listener. She was inspired by watching DVDs and listening to Western bands on cassettes and CDs; she was driven to shine on stage. Relocating to Shillong in 2012 provided her with ample opportunities to showcase her talent, gaining exposure through numerous performances. Her musical journey has been guided by her parents, who served as her first gurus, and a dedicated teacher from college as her second guru. Previously, Amabel performed with 4th Element, enchanting audiences across Central America, Belly’s Jazz Festival, and across India. Now, with Jollies, formed in 2022, she leads a soulful five-member ensemble, blending original compositions and covers in their acoustic performances. Aside from her musical endeavours, Amabel is focused on completing her PhD in music and is also a fellow at Samvaad with Tata Steel. Looking ahead, she aims to release new original tracks this year in collaboration with her groups, Jollies and Mokhuri. Amabel Susngi, the vibrant artist, continues to inspire audiences with her versatile voice, profound musicality, and unwavering dedication to her craft.


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Amabel Susngi


Contact AMABEL SUSNGI at +91 9366406728